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How to Change File Download Location in Chrome and Firefox on Mac

How To Choose Where Downloaded Files Are Saved

Any ideas how I can get Safari to recognize the Downloads folder in my iCloud Drive as a valid destination? Just try setting it to that folder you created again. I have set downloads to go to my desktop in Safari Preferences now in Mojave I have to confirm that location each time. Is there some way to make it automatic? All Rights Reserved.

How to change download location on Mac???

When you download a file in Safari, the file is saved in the default location, usually the Downloads folder. Method 2: From the Finder, click Go from the menu bar and select Downloads. If you don't see a Downloads option under the Go menu, click Home. The downloads folder should also be visible in your Home folder. The optimal way to keep your SVGCuts files organized is to create a new folder and save all of your downloads to this newly created folder!

From the Finder this is another term for your desktop, it should say Finder next to the Apple icon on the top left side of your screen. If you don't see Finder , close all of your programs! Doing this will bring up your Users folder. Right-click in a blank area of your user folder and select New Folder. Give your new folder a name.

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It can be anything you want! Just make it memorable so you know where to find your SVG files!

How to Change the File Download Location in Safari on Mac

Paul says:. Zahid Iqbal says:. Download an item In the Safari app on your Mac, click anything identified as a download link, or Control-click an image or other object on the page. A lot is going to happen out there in coming days. Ask Question.

With Google Chrome open, click Chrome and select Preferences In the Downloads section, check the box labeled Ask where to save each file before downloading. That's it! Now when you download a file using Google Chrome, you'll be given the option to specify where you want to save it! Remember that new folder we created?

This does not keep the kids from redirecting the download, but it works for most.

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I give the user more freedom than most at the high school level because I want the kids to understand the processes that we incorporate. I have a master image that can be deployed, if too much change has been implemented. I always change the file download location. Whenever I change my system or upgrade hardware resources, I always change the file download location. Your statement is factually inaccurate however, as Safari first debuted 15 years ago.

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What about double-clicking the download entry in the Download Log list in Safari to initiate the download. This keeps out any involvement with the Downloads Folder at all…. The file is still downloaded, double-clicking the entry in the Download log of Safari just opens it immediately from Safari. But nonetheless the file is downloaded into the Downloads folder via Safari. Open the file, then go look in Downloads folder, it will be there unless you move it.

Change Download Location in Chrome

Sometimes doing is better than trying to explain ;. I have an Sierra Update I always get message saying I need more 2. How do I change default installation directory for all updates to another folder so that this problem does not occur again. I tried to do it but not successful.

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Can anyone suggest step by step method. Because I teach them to have a clean desktop so the download is readily available. Sometimes I go through and delete the Downloads folder contents that take up storage space.