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Local Snapshots, Versions and Time Machine

Cleaning Up Time Machine Local Snapshots

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It requests for your Administrator password. Are you sure you type it correctly? Apple does not welcome altering backups for a reason, and even in Finder you cannot make any modifications to your backups. The only good way to delete anything from Time Machine backups without ruining them is using the Time Machine itself. Never forget that by its nature the Time Machine will expand until it takes all space on its volume, so storing anything else on the same volume is not a good idea.

Scan the Time Machine volume. Unless absolutely necessary, do not scan Time Machine volumes as administrator , because it will likely take 3 or 4 times longer.

Time Machine Volumes

By their nature Time Machine backups contain lots of hard links which greatly reduce the disk space taken by backups while making each snapshot a complete copy of your system. The oldest available backup will be thinned first, with thinning proceeding through the next oldest backups.

To free up 20 gigabytes of space from the snapshots stored on the boot drive at maximum urgency, you would use the command shown below:. The command may take a while to run, depending on what would need to be done to free up the requested space. Thanks for the info.

How to delete Time Machine local backups on High Sierra

Got back to the office and copied the image to my backup server and deleted the file. Took me a bit to track it down — but it was the local snapshots. Is it possible to use this thinning technique or a similar technique on sparse bundles created by Server. All the information I have is available in the blogpost. I highly doubt Apple support is going to be able to answer that question, but thanks anyway!! Please forgive my pestering you today.

How to delete Time Machine backups

Your blog is an incredible resource, so the last thingI want to do is be critical. The time and energy you have put in to this site, since ! If you have 5 backups and all of them contain the same file in each backup — when you thin out the backups it creates a new backup from the 5 that you have and makes sure that the new backup only contains each file once.

Time Machine Local Snapshots (MacMost Now 606)

It keeps the most recent version of the file and discards all the other copies of the same file found in each backup. The original 5 backups are deleted on completion. This command saved my day. Absolutely appreciated.

What is a snapshot?

Thank you rtrouton! APFS is a completely different monster when compared to other disk formats. Thank God for the cloud!