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Take advantage of the 30 day free trial today to begin improving your game immediately! Whether you are looking to play more tables, increase your hand volume, or just simplify your poker experience; TableNinja II can improve your online poker workflow and maximize your multitabling experience. Support for Poker and Winamax coming soon. Sign In Create Account. Vist the forums.

Mailing List. If you'd like to be on the mailing list to be notified when future versions are available, enter your email address and press the Subscribe button. Email Address. Got a feature request? You can post it in the forums , or email it to support thetournamentdirector. Need sales information? Email sales thetournamentdirector.

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Need help with the software? Email support thetournamentdirector. Screen Shots. By effective stack. By position.

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By game type: tournaments or not. By string in window title. StarsHelper HUD allows you in real-time. See pot odds and necessary outs for call real time during the play. Enter bet size in big blinds, and it will automatically convert to value in chips and enter it in PokerStars bet box. See total pot value in big blinds, which is very convenient for using with 'Chips to BB' feature.

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The purpose of this spreadsheet is to simplify the EV calculation in preflop all-in situations, as well as situations where a 3-bet or 4-bet is committing. Extensive tutorials and training materials are also available at the home site. It had already paid for itself, it helped my game that much! See all jobs. While you do so, please report any bugs you find on our issue tracker and take screenshots of interesting places. InstaGTO advertises itself as a replayer, solver, trainer, and analyzer.

Also, you can see total pot amount after opponent s will call your bet. Compare your bluff size to profitability of this action.

See action history and time for decision of all players at the table. See the exact position of your opponent which makes easy to use positional statistic from PokerTracker4 and HoldemManager2.

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See useful information: blind level, ante, current profile working on current table name, number of playing tables. See how much time has passed from the last blind increase. Other useful functions. Automatically close different useless info windows.

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Automatically click check box in the PokerStars "Seat Available" dialog window, when you take a spot on a waiting list for cash tables. Automatically click on 'Time Bank' and 'I'm Back' after a time out fold.

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Automatically click check box "Sit out next hand" and "Sit out next big blind" depending on your stack size. To highlight of the poker table with different colors. Blind level; Ante level; Your stack size; Your stack size in big blinds; Effective stack size relative to your stack; Pot size value; Pot size value in big blinds; Table size; Number of players who were dealt in the current hand; Your action; Your current position on the table; Active foreground table; Running time bank; Time bank balance Window title; Number of players in the tournament; Your current tournament position.